My career as a cameraman started underwater, but as anyone who has worked in a marine environment knows, you can’t produce good results without first being proficient with that tool or trade out of the water first.

I’ve been diving for nearly 30 years now, achieving international recognition exploring the underwater world as the skipper of the now-legendary dive boat “SEEKER”. Seeker was made famous as the backdrop of several extreme diving adventure books including the best seller “Shadow Divers”, and in a 2 hour NOVA special titled “Hitler’s Lost Sub”, which was my fist professional shoot. I’m no longer at the helm, but I’m still heavily immersed in the underwater world as a digital¬†cinematographer and media producer.

I developed my diving skills in the trenches of NYC as a commercial hard-hat diver and as a pioneer of technical scuba diving that I developed from the deck of my former dive boat. As an underwater cinematographer my career began as news crews and TV producers showed up to document our exploits. The underwater DP was always ill suited for the extreme diving conditions we were about to encounter. I offered to take their camera and I guess you could say the rest is history.

Since those days I’ve been actively shooting footage across the globe in some of the most challenging condition imaginable, both in and out of the water.¬† In early 2000 I was hired as director of underwater photography¬†by Kralyevich Productions, Inc. (KPI) who produced 20 episodes of the History Channel’s “Deep Sea Detectives” . In 2007 I was the field and co-producer for my own limited series for Discovery’s Military Channel titled “Quest for Sunken Warships“.

I have been an independent shooter for over 16 years now shooting in some of the most challenging environments which has lead to great opportunities. One, being a Sony independent certified experts (ICE) team member. This relationship with the largest producer of film and broadcast equipment in the world, has given me the opportunity to work with an array of professional HD cameras which assures not just a great image, but also the creative edge many clients have come to expect.

Today I’m not only an experienced cameraman, but also a skilled producer of 30 seconds spots to promotional videos, web content, corporate videos, PSAs, and my own TV series.

Copyright © 2010 Dan Crowell

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